To contend with the ring, to dictate and to conquer your opponent without suffering damage, is the art of boxing. Boxing has become a modern kind of society and stands out not only in the ring, but also in everyday life. Boxing is for many professional people such as managers and leaders, an ideal stress reduction. It strengthens self-awareness and can help to make important decisions in everyday life. Eliminating barriers to success is encouraged.

Relaxation is also a key word which helps to recognize the tasks and opportunities at the right moment and to know the right action.

Boxing is a very complex sport, not only physical fitness but also mental agility, dynamism, structure, self-confidence, assertiveness, intelligence, courage, will, tactics, strategy and much more. It encourages courage, fairness, respect, self-confidence and the removal of fear, as well as the learning of the body language, which is nowadays essential for many managers, business people and people with leadership positions.

Boxes requires properties that must also have a manager. You have to be able to tact, fence, deal with aggression and conflict situations, have technical bases, be able to be assertive and smart, as it is also important not to let yourself be hit.

Many managers suffer, they are addicted to recognition and keep your aggressions back. Especially in short periods, boxing strengthens self-esteem. Boxing as Ego Booster? Meanwhile, boxing has become an image factor for executives. Personal training / coaching is becoming a must for many nowadays.

It always gives us pleasure to look after and support people individually with their personal goals.

Anyone who has once stood in the ring and has measured himself with his opponent can better assess his own weaknesses and strengths.

Boxing is the modern form of society.

A student said to his master: „You teach me fighting, but you talk about peace. How do you reconcile the two?“ The master replied:“It is better to be a warrior in a garden than to be a gardener in a war.“